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Zac Arnold
Community Organiser & Social Influencer. Working to amplify the voices of people and planet in a noisy world.
Photo: Francesca E. Harris

Extinction Rebellion has the potential to be an incredibly powerful movement for real social, environmental and political change, but without a focus and determination on ensuring the inevitable collapse of the capitalist system they will neither achieve this nor prevent our extinction. — Zac Arnold writes.

In my mind, there is no doubt that the Extinction Rebellion movement that has surged across the globe in recent months is an immense achievement. Predominantly led from the grass roots with small groups, often referred to internally as “Affinity Groups”, organising their own direct action exercises without restriction. …

Zac Arnold writes about the effects of the Tory policy in his Gloucestershire community

The negative impacts that Universal Credit is having on ordinary people across the country is a path that has been walked plenty of times by “non-mainstream” media outlets.

The campaign to have the system scrapped entirely is in full swing.

The real impact of this flawed project — of which ex-Tory leader and former secretary of state for the Department of Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith, is the architect — is clear. …

Zac Arnold

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